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Monday, May 25, 2009

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 APR   May 2009   
Phil Likes Tacos is moving?
Monday May 25th
Alas, it is true. After a few days over seven years of ComicGenesis, formally Keenspace, I have moved Phil Likes Tacos to my own server and site. But why you ask? Is PLT finally that big? Is Comicgen no longer cutting it? No, and no. Actually, what made me make the move is the new comic I’m working on. The only way to do it the way I want to means making my own website. And since I was making my own site anyway, I might as well bring PLT over with me. Oh, and 95 Gallons can come too. I’ll leave all these comics up here for now. There are still a few linkers and linkees about, plus I don’t want it to be too much of a shock.

So thank you Comicgen for all the free hosting you’ve given me over the past seven years. Even though you crashed a few times and accidentally deleted my whole site once, you still did what I need to be done for PLT.


Double-0 Seven years ... which is just seven I suppose
Sunday May 17th

I’ve been doing this for seven years, huh? That sounds like an awfully big number. But it tastes just like a regular old day. Looks like a pancake with blueberries.

Anyway, usually I post my favorite comics from the past year about now, but I might do that later. I’ve been working on a whole bunch of stuff for quite a while. First up is something I was hoping to have ready today, but I’ll be finishing it up this weekend. If all goes well it should be at "good enough" status by Monday. I’ve been working on another comic called 95 Gallons for a while, and it’ll finally be done soon. Then, later this summer, I’m planning on starting my next webcomic. I have very high hopes for this next one, and it’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m confident this one has what it takes.

"But what of Phil Likes Tacos" you cry from your blimps and driving machines. "What of his adventures?" Need to worry not you do. I have plenty more I wish to do with this comic, so I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I’d like to say I’ve been working vigorously on some new merchandise for the strip, but that wouldn’t be true. But I have been working on and off all year on some things that’ll be finished sometime this year. I’ve been rethinking shirt ideas, and something else that’ll come as a total surprise to everyone … except for my friend who’s helping me make it. He should know what it is.

So until then, keep reading, keep drinking punch, and keep wondering what’s taking me so long to get my Xbox 360 fixed after it red-ringed me for the second time.

Some different text to look at
Sunday May 17th
Well darn, I almost went a year without saying anything.  That's a bucket full of extra crispy sad.  I guess I really never have much to add here.   I say most of what I want in the strips and occasionally in the forum.

Anyway, I'm here to let you that the updates might be a little erratic again this week.   Okay, two weeks ago was comicgen's fault, but lately it's been me.  I've been very busy working on some huge behind the scene projects.  One of them I'm hoping to finish this weekend.  I hope I do, but there's still a lot of work left.  But you needn't worry, this comic still fits in with these plans.  I'll tell you all more about it this Friday when PLT turns seven.  That's a number that's bigger then six, you know.

Bert from Sesame Street's favorite number is six
Thursday May 22nd
Ha ha! I bet you thought I was going to miss my own party, but I got here just in time.

Yes, today is this comic’s sixth birthday. It feels like just six years ago that I started making this comic, which is good. In it I had several interesting stories, character development, true stories, and other crazy going-ons. I also had the 2000th comic, and only three news posts here over an entire year. Guess I just don’t have much to say. Not much else to say right now other then thanks for reading, and once again here’s a few of my favorite comics and the big storylines from the past year.

Subtle but favorite Pokemon joke
I saw a box that rudely said this
Better Venom then the movie
Phil hangs out with Millie, Doug with Pokemon
Embarass Millie, you get the hat
Nerds and Jocks battle in Halo 3
When new gamers play a Zelda game
Deceptive blue Tootsie Rolls
The Price is Right EXTREME
Two girls, a guy, and a Mario Galaxy
Will Doug ever get to save Christmas?
Comic number 2000
Super Bowl, super coloring job
Week of no espresso machine
Broken dishwasher, all of it a true story
Fast food commercials are stupid
Millie and friends playing Smash Bros Brawl?
Doug's Xbox 360 breaks too
I saw somebody doing this, I kid you not
A wacky week of wacky wind
Baby, you don't know the half of it

Punch for all

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